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Why Worksite Employee Education?

Today’s business owners and executives are bombarded with decisions regarding employee benefits.  Consequently they spend a lot of time and money to provide themselves and their employees with a quality benefits package. However, many corporate benefits have become simply expected and therefore are often under-appreciated by employees. World-class benefits can retain and attract executive, employee, and skilled talent to a company but are an ineffective expense if they are not understood or utilized to their highest potential. In this chaotic environment, an employee handbook will not suffice – you need someone with experience and knowledge to educate you and your employees as to the options within your existing plan and/or to help you establish a first-class employee benefit plan.

We will work with you to develop and implement a financial education and planning program that includes:

  • Professional educational programming
  • Program objectives aligned with your Company’s desired outcomes
  • Multiple alternatives for employee access to financial education such as: Workshops, telephone access, print, etc.
  • Customization designed to help highlight your company employee benefit offerings
  • Employee access to individual consultations
  • Quality financial guidance through a wide range of planning services designed to meet the diverse needs of individual employees
  • Client service standards designed to meet or exceed the expectation of both your company and your employees
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